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Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer and then beat cancer, my health has become one of my top priorities. I am always on top of things when I feel something is "off" in my body and I like to take steps to help my body recover not only from the chemo and surgeries, but to also help my organs and bones function better and to also become stronger.
The amount of chemo I received and with the type of cancer I had, my bones have lost a lot of density, especially in my right hip, lower back, and my right and left legs. I actually have what is called osteopenia, which means that I have lost bone mass and my bones have become weaker, and I could also get osteoporosis later on in life. Oh yeah, and I have the bones of an 80 year old woman...I'm only 26. I have been taking Vitamin D pills on and off for the last year (doctors orders) and have been lifting weights which is known and proven to strengthen your bones. To check my bone density and to see if it is getting better, I have to make an almost 2 hour drive to Moffitt and get a dexa-scan (bone density scan). I usually have to wait a couple days for the results and it becomes very time consuming.
I was trying to figure out other ways to see if my vitamin D was getting better without having to drive to Moffitt and have that added stress of the crazy commute. That is when LetsGetChecked reached out to me and it could not have been more perfect timing. LetsGetChecked is an at home health test that you literally do in the comfort of your own home, and you will receive your results within a few days after sending your kit back in. 
LetsGetChecked has tests for women's health, such as, vitamin test, fertility tests, liver tests, and much more. They also have men's health tests (testosterone  test, thyroid test, etc) sexual health tests (STDS, HIV, etc), and wellness tests. Literally, all these test can be done at home and the convince of it, makes it that much better. 
You will get a package in the mall that will have your test tube that you will put your sample in, depending on the test you ordered. Since I am checking my vitamin D and vitamin B levels, I had to put a sample of blood into the test tube. You want to make sure you wash your hands under warm water, so that way you will have more blood flow to the tips of your fingers.
Once my hands were clean and dry, I took the blue and white finger stick and placed it on my left hand at the tip of my ring finger. I then pressed down and had a quick little stick to my finger and when the first spot of blood appeared, I wiped that off and then proceeded to message my finger so the blood would go into the testing tube. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous as heck, but once I pricked my finger, it was actually pretty easy to fill up my test tube. 
Once the test tube was filled up, I put it in the biohazard bag, placed it back into the LetsGetChecked box and then put it in the pre-paid envelope that was in the kit. You want to make sure you send your sample back the same day you take it. You will then get an email that your results are in within 5 days! How freaking cool is that! Below are some samples of what the results would look like. I don't currently have mine, YET, because my test was just sent off (I'll keep you updated on my results, so stay tuned). 
Once you have your results, you will be able to see what you need to do, whether it's to take some vitamins or to schedule an appointment with your doctor. For me, when my results are in, I will be able to tell if I have been taking enough vitamin D pills or if I need to take them more frequently. LetsGetChecked is an amazing way to stay on top of your health and to know exactly what is going on with your body and it is all done in your home. So that means, no waiting in the doctors offices for hours! I can't thank LetsGetChecked enough for sending me my kit and helping me stay on top of my health.
LetsGetChecked has been kind enough to give me a discount code to give to you! So if you want to check out LetsGetChecked and be on top of your health, click the link below and use code "Chey15" at check out to save some money.
If you want to learn more about the vitamin D test, check out LetsGetChecked's blog post!
P.s. Always, always, always, remember, if something feels "off" or symptoms are lasting longer than 2 weeks, always call your doctor and get checked. 

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