Its a great day to have a great day and there is always light in the darkness!


Welcome to the world through my eyes! I'm Cheyann Shaw and I am 25 years old, living in the beautiful and pretty dang HOT state of Florida. I'm not from Florida though! I am actually originally from a smaller town about an hour away from Seattle, Washington! And yes, starbucks does run through my veins and coffees is life lol! I have a pit bull pup who is not really a puppy but his name is Russell and is the best lil boy! Kaleb and I rescued him 4 years ago from a killer shelter in Orlando and I honestly believe Russell rescued us. I just can't with Russ' face! Kaleb and I have been together for 5 years and just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on 9/9/16. He's a pretty great guy but let me tell ya, we get told he looks like Tiger Woods almost daily, but I think Kaleb is way hotter;)


When I was 23 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called 4B low grade serous ovarian cancer and now at the age of 25 I can call myself a cancer survivor! It has been almost 1 year in November of no evidence of disease! WHOOHOO! That's enough cancer talk for now, but anyways I am a cancer survivor turned entrepreneur, public speaker, and an all around goofy adult who never really grew up. I help others find their light in the darkness and in their struggles because that is something I have had to find myself. I have a passion for helping others, fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, putting smiles on others faces, making their hearts full of joy, and a major passion for saving all the puppies; especially little pit bulls. 


This blog will give you a little taste of what the world looks like and is like through my eyes. I hope you feel like you can relate and you are with your best friend getting coffee. I'm not a grammar expert, I am just a young lady who enjoys life, has a lot to talk about, and can drink more coffee then humanly possibly. 


Welcome to the world through my eyes!




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