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I am a sucker for pinterest and all those fashion blogger IG pages, but holy smokes...some of these outfits or clothings items are SO EXPENSIVE! Earlier I was on the good ol' gram and one of my favorite fashion bloggers posted on her story about her adorable, I mean it was seriously so dang adorable fall sweater, so I swiped up and next thing I know I'm almost having a heart attack. This adorable fall sweater was $85....eight five freaking dollars! Like what in the love of all things good is happening here!? I was shocked at first but then a light bulb went off in my big ol' noggin, why don't I put together AFFORABLE and cute fall outfits!


Now don't get me wrong, I will spend a good chunk of change on certain items every once in awhile but lately thrifting and shopping from the clearance section has been doing the trick for not only me but my wallet! I put together 3 fall outfits that are all under $85 and disclaimer, I live in Florida so it's hot as heck so each outfit you can adjust to your climate(:


Fall is one of my favorite season but let me tell ya, the fall outfits give me life! When I lived in Seattle, Washington I could get away with lots of layers, but now in Florida it's a little too hot for all the layers. This outfit I was able to do light layers to still have that fall feel, but not sweat to death or die from a heat stroke haha. I love a good deal and high wasted shorts have been one of those things you either get a crazy good deal on them or you spend an arm and a leg on them, that is until Target came out with some AMAZING shorts and these are them. They are the perfect length when it comes to high rise and they don't let the lil cheeks fall out over the place either. They have a good length and are one of the most comfortable pairs of denim shorts I own. Target has really stepped up their game when it comes to clothes in all departments and one of the best parts is that their clothes are pretty dang affordable, well for the most part. I always start in the clearance section at Target and can always find at least 2-3 things that I can't leave without and this simple white T-shirt that says "Make It Happen" was something I could not pass up. It's very soft and does fit losely, so I ended up tying it in the front to make it into a semi-crop top and bring more life to this outfit. This tan button up blouse is my favorite find of this entire outfit and guess where I found it!? No, not Target, but good guess! I snagged this button up tan blouse from the Goodwill! It is actually supposed to be a button up dress, but my legs are way to long for that so I decided to keep it unbuttoned and use it as a thin jacket. To finish off the look I had to bring out my high top converse. Converse are some of my favorite shoes because they are so simple but yet add that little pop to simple outfits. I usually get my Converse from the converse store, but I picked my white high tops up at DSW in their clearance section.

Here is the outfit break down:

  • High Waisted Denim Shorts | Target | $20.99 
  • White T-Shirt | Target | $9.99
  • Tan Button-Up Blouse | Goodwill | $4.99
  • White High-Top Converse | DSW | $42.98

TOTAL | $78.95


Wow oh wow can you say COMFY!! Nothing screams fall to me than an oversized sweater and this one is comfy ha! Living in Florida this outfit will rarely get worn but when we have our colder days, this is my go to outfit. This is also one of my favorite travel outfits because again...COMFY! I picked up this oversized sweater from the Goodwill and was pretty excited about this find. The Goodwill can be hit or miss but lately I feel like I haven been hitting the jackpot with all these steals! The sweater is pretty big on me so I do tuck the front in a bit and pull it out gently so it has that messy but put together feel. I found these semi high-waisted distressed capri denim jeans at American Eagle on the clearance rack. I'm telling you, always check the clearance rack first! I had a very similar pair in my hand that were almost double the price so you know ya girl put those ones back real quick. You know when you see the price of something and slowly walk away like nothing happened? Yeah, that's exactly what I did. Now look, I know some people can't stand the "Jesus sandals" that everyone likes to call them and I'll be honest, I couldn't stand these shoes for a long time until I slipped my little feet into these bad boys and there was no turning back. A lot of people have Birkenstocks and I just can't find it in my heart to spend over $100 on a pair of sandals that to me are not comfy what so ever. You probably thought these were Birkenstocks but oh my friend they are SO MUCH BETTER! Let me introduce you to these Madden Girl sandals that will change your life. I feel like I am walking on clouds 24/7 and they don't make my feet look like boats like the Birks did, which is crazy because I have little feet...I'm a size 6.5 maybe 7 on a good day lol. These Madden Girl sandals can be found at DSW and for more than half the price of Birks! 

Here is the outfit breakdown:

  • Oversized Sweater | Goodwill | $5.99
  • Semi High-Waisted Distressed Capris American Eagle | $20.99
  • Madden Girl Sandals | DSW | $35.99




This is probably my favorite outfit of the 3 but I know it might not be the best option if you live somewhere where it is cold...but Florida this is pretty much as close to fall as I'll be able to get without dying in the heat. I'm pretty excited about this brown floppy hat because last year when I purchased it, I wasn't able to wear it since my hair was not long at all and it was just growing back from chemo. I mean this floppy hat would swallow my poor little basketball head up, it was kind of funny lol. This hat is what makes this outfit in my opinion and sometimes I feel like Indiana Jones, so that's pretty B.A. if you ask me. My long sleeve tie crop top is from Forever 21 and it's stripes are a burnt orange that is gorgeous in person. I decided to pair this crop with some high-waisted jeans that fit a little loose around the ankles. These jeans are from Pac Sun, but there was no way I was going to pay Pac Sun prices! These are THRIFTED! I'm telling you, the Goodwill has some great finds, you just have to dig and be willing to spend some time looking. I had to learn the art of patience when it comes to thrifting. The jeans are a little big in my waist so to accessories I took a belt that I got from Forever 21 and tied it in a knot to give the outfit a little more detail. To finish the outfit off, I  put on my brown tie up heels that I got in from DSW in the clearance section. If you have never been to DSW, I highly suggest checking them out next time you see one. Sometimes they will have shoes up to 75% off, just like these heels!

Here is the outfit breakdown:

  • Brown Floppy Hat | Target | $15.99
  • Long Sleeve Crop Top | Forever21 | $19.99
  • High-Waisted Denim Jeans | Goodwill | $10.99
  • Brown Belt | Forever 21 | 3.99
  • Brown Tie Up Heels | DSW | $22.97

TOTAL | $73.93


I love fashion and I love good deals! I used to be such a tom boy so it has been a lot of fun for me to find my own style and have fun while doing it!

*This is not sponsored and everything was purchased with my own money and these are my own opinions.*

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  • Awesome outfits and I love the Goodwill picks.

    Bette Jewell

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