Its a great day to have a great day and there is always light in the darkness!


Last week I went to a state that I have never been to before, but it was a state I have always wanted to visit and that was beautiful Colorado. I have always wanted to rent out a cabin in the middle of winter on one of the mountains, when the snow is falling all around me, the fire is burning, and all you can hear is your own thoughts and the crackling of the fire. I’m already planning my next trip back to Colorado this winter to go snowboarding and have that little dream of mine come true! This was actually a pretty short trip because it was a business trip for me! We didn’t get to do much exploring, but when we did explore, it was some of the most breathtaking sites I have ever seen in my life. 

I asked on my instagram page before I left for Colorado, what were some of the must do/must see things in Colorado Springs and so many people said Garden of the Gods was a must. Actually, I had someone send me a video DM of them, literally screaming that I had to go to Garden of the Gods and I’m sorry but when someone sends you a screaming video DM, you must listen lol. Driving up to Garden of the Gods, I was speechless. It was so beautiful. It was a perfect day too! It was maybe 56 degrees out, no cloud in site, the prettiest blue sky, and the sounds and smells of mother nature where all around me. I felt like a little kid exploring and climbing the rocks. I was a huge tomboy when I was growing up and fears were never on my mind. I was that kid who would give all the parents heart attacks and would break every bone in her body because I was a daredevil. As I got older and life started to happen, I became a different person. I became fearful of almost everything. I would think of the worst case scenarios in most situations and I stopped doing being that carefree/daredevil person who loved adrenaline rushes. 


When Kaleb and I were at Garden of the Gods, something switched. I felt like a little kid again who had just got to Disney World and wanted to go run and do/see everything. I felt my eyes get wider and I felt this sense of peace wash over me that I felt when I was first diagnosed with cancer. The further we got back on the trail, there were these huge rock formations that were massive and you could climb to the peaks if you dared so you could see breathtaking views. When I saw one of the biggest peaks, I saw this guy standing at the very top and from where I was standing he looked like a little speck. When I laid my eyes on him, all the fear I used to have disappeared and I knew I had to get to the top of that peak. There were a couple times where I lost my footing and almost fell, but even then I never was afraid. When I got to the peak, I felt that peace more intensely but I also felt stillness. I could see for miles and miles. It felt like time was standing still and I was the only one who could move. It was so blissful and the views were unlike anything I have ever seen before. I felt myself again. I no longer felt afraid or scared. I no longer felt lost. I finally felt like me again.

Garden of the Gods was sadly the only exploring we got to do in our short amount of time, because like I said earlier, this was a business trip for me. I’m not sure if yo know this or not, but I have been using CBD products for over 2 years, and CBD has changed my life forever. My trip to Colorado was to finalize my own line of CBD gummies and tinctures and I am so excited to tell you about it and for you to try them! I was first introduced to CBD when I was diagnosed with cancer to help with the pain from not only the cancer but from the tumors pressing into my spine, the anxiety I was experiencing on a daily basis, and to help with my sleep because let me tell you I could not sleep at all. I tried a couple different CBD companies out but my step-mom told me about this one company in Colorado that was the best of the best and that was DiscoverCBD, in Colorado Springs. I ordered one of their tinctures and I instantly noticed not only a difference in the pain I was experiencing, but my anxiety was getting a lot better, I felt way more relaxed but not “high”, the inflammation in my stomach from the surgeries was decreasing which meant no more pain when things would pass through my stomach, and I finally was able to sleep. I mean like really sleep. No more tossing and turning or waking up every 2 hours! 

I actually still use CBD every single day to help with my severe anxiety, PTSD, the after effects of chemo/cancer, and it still helps me get some of the best night sleep I have ever had. After seeing how much CBD has changed my life and all the amazing benefits I got from it, I knew I wanted to create my own line and I knew I wanted to work with the company that I not only use daily for the past 2 years, but a company that changed my life. DiscoverCBD uses only the best and healthiest ingredients in all their products, they use all natural flavorings, all organic ingredients, each product is hand made in a certified commercial kitchen (which is the only one certified by the health department in Colorado), and all their products are third party tested! That is exactly why I love this company so dang much. They are making sure that the CBD is the purest at 99% that you can get your hands on, but they leave out all the added fillers and complete crap! 

It was so awesome heading to Colorado Springs and getting a behind the scenes look at how the CBD products I use are made but it was even cooler to see how my line, The Cheyann Shaw Signature Series was going to be made. I was able to tour the kitchen, watch as products were being made, seeing the DiscoverCBD store fronts, and meeting all the people who make this company so amazing. I did film a YouTube video all about my trip and talking more about my CBD line, so if you want to check that out, head on over to my Youtube channel or click the YouTube button at the top of this page! My gummies will have some of your favorite tropical flavors and 1 tincture will have a tropical flavor (I’m not telling you this one, you’ll have to wait and see) and the other tincture will be Spearmint which is so dang good! There is a lot of misinformation out there about CBD and the biggest misconception is that people think that it is illegal to get CBD in their state, but CBD that has no THC or 0 (zero) THC can be sold in all 50 states! My line will have no THC whatsoever in it, so that means you are able to purchase it, in ALL 50 STATES!! whooohoo! If you live overseas or in Canada, don’t worry because you can purchase it as well! 

EEKKK!! I feel like a little kid getting ready for Christmas again! I can’t wait for you to try and experience for yourself all the amazing benefits of using CBD!


Mark your calendars and set your alarms for this

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH @10am EST for the launch of the Cheyann Shaw Signature Series!



*You will be able to purchase The Cheyann Shaw Signature Series at *



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